Relationship #04

10 x 8 black ink on Strathmore 80 lb Bristol (Vellum Finish)

“Good artists copy.  Great artists steal.”  Picasso is reported to have said this.  Making art is a constant dialogue between what has gone before and what is going on now. In varying degrees, we all steal from one another and we should. You see pictures and you learn from them.  Last weekend, I saw the Keith Haring exhibit at Brooklyn Museum of Art.  He used line and only rarely color and drew on a single plane, no perspective.  I knew about him years ago and like him, I love line.  It’s just like very basic computer language; each spot on the matrix is either a one or a zero.  There’s a purity to it.  I had started this picture a few days before visiting the Brooklyn Museum and it is the fourth in an ongoing series of ink drawings.  Still, I will not deny that Haring’s inventive did not inform the way I am doing this series (or a lot of other stuff I do).  His work has been a fixture in my world since I first saw it over forty years ago.  And, so have been Seurat’s black-and-white prints as well as some of Kubin’s and Redon’s prints.  “Relationships #04” is an exercise in pattern and form.  For some reason, I am doing a lot of couples.  Maybe I am saying, “I may be over the hill but I ain’t dead yet.”

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