Bird – Hot off the press

Ink, soluble pencil on Strathmore Bristol 8 x 10

Last time I posted, it was a bird that I had drawn some time back.  This one is brand new.  That said, I could easily have done it years ago.  I found a couple dated 1980. I keep it fresh by changing the ingredients.  I fiddle with the subject of course but I also try to use the media in new ways.  This time I used water-soluble sepia ink and then water-resistant (India) sepia and two colors of Derwent colored watercolor pencils. As for the bird itself, I imagined it to be a man inside a bird costume.  I got the idea of a bird costume from a film of a ceremony in western Africa that I saw at the Neuberger Museum at Purchase College.  They have an example of such a costume.  It is something.  Wonderfully elaborate and colorful.  Of course, the one I drew is made of titanium and is air-conditioned.


About mmgilbert

I have been drawing and painting all my life. Now part of the “New Symbolist” movement which encompasses both Goth, fantasy and tattoo art as well as the century-old work of Odilon Redon, I focus on archetypal and mythic imagery to evoke emotional themes and to reference darker fantasies. I have an abiding interest in figurative drawing, working on paper and exploring new ways to handle traditional materials. I studied with Edward Millman, a WPA muralist; at Purchase College; and at the Art Students League in New York.
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