Mystery face


Am I bad at keeping records?  Boy, am I.  I have no idea when I did this or exactly why.  It’s 5 x 7 and on somewhat flimsy paper.  From the look of it, it was done with sepia ink over soluble, watercolor pencil, one of my favorite methods.  There are a whole bunch of them that I found in a drawer and put in one of those waterproof folios.  Wish I knew more.  But, it is not exactly a charming face.  A bit morbid.  Am I pleased with it?  Well, yes.  It makes use of two complementary colors (if sepia has an orange tone to it which it does) and it uses light well to lead the eye down the face.  That’s the technical stuff.  But, equally important to me is when I unearthed it, it startled and frightened me a bit.  Something bad must have been going on when I painted it.  I’ll show some of the others maybe down the road.

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