Mythic Bird #1

8 x 10 Watercolor and sepia ink on 100 lbs Strathmore Bristol (Vellum Finish)

Despite its title, this isn’t the first mythic bird that I have drawn.  I’ve done a lot of them.  This one is just the first in a series of sepia birds (which I may eventually convert to black and white for print sales purposes.  Don’t ask me why I do so many weird birds.  Maybe just because they are fun to do.  So, using sepia and venetian red watercolor and sepia ink, I am doing a bunch more.  I am also interspersing them with a series on two figures interacting and some oils.  The series with the figures is done in black ink and pen.  The oils are going to be a continuation of a series called “Headshots.”  In all case, I am interested in either “textures” (especially the ink drawings) made by lines and form.  With the headshots, it’s the human face as landscape that is getting me going.  Unlike the birds and pen and inks, the oils should be bright and colorful.  Everyone likes bright and colorful.  And, bright and colorful always sells better.  We shall see.

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