Recent work: Flowers

Flowers are not my thing but you have to try something different once in a while.  Actually, this flowers picture is a double different.  Not only don’t I usually do flowers, but I usually don’t do watercolor either and this is both.  Actually it is watercolor and gouache.  I keep a half dozen tubes or so of gouache around just in case and since they dry up, I feel compelled to use them before I have to throw them out.  The same with watercolors as well as acrylics.  I’ve done a lot of stuff in acrylic but I never really liked working with it.  Not very subtle or, at least, I can’t get them to be subtle.  I did the flowers because I had done a preliminary sketch for some reason a while back, put it aside and, in rummaging through half-done work (which I either dump or finish) figured I might see what might happen if I completed it.  After it was done, a local critic was in the workshop, saw it and spontaneously liked it.  That was good enough for me.  I figure that if you can please just one person besides yourself, you are ahead of the game.  Will I ever do another flower picture?  Oddly enough, I am fiddling with one on Corel Painter.  Not thrilled with it so far.  We shall see.

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