Recent work: not so recent

Sepia ink on 80 lb. cream paper

This is not quite a recent work; it was done in 2007 or early 2008.  Sometimes it is fun to open up a sketchbook and see what was going on, back a few years ago.  And, this is one of the things that I found.  There were a lot of odd beasts along with some other drawings done with an illustration assignment in mind.  This is one of those odd beasts and it seems that I was pretty annoyed at someone.  That’s a beast being derisive.  It was done in sepia on ivory paper, probably while on a train or plane.  At the time I was involved with a venture that put profits over quality and, while I knew something was wrong with that thinking.  I thought at the time that it made business sense to put profits over personal values.  If I have learned anything over the years, a focus on dollars can lead to very short-sighted decisions.  Right now, I am considering a couple of money-related decisions and I hope that I am making use of what I think that I have learned.  It is easy to say, “Be true to oneself.”  But, it can be hard to know, intellectually at least, whether one is following that admonition.  I know the goal but I am not quite sure about the most “true-to-oneself” way to achieve it.

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