From “Dragonville”

I’ve had this idea for an illustrated book tentatively called “Dragonville” for a while and have been doing a bunch of small ink drawings with it in mind.  Without getting into the premise behind the book, the drawings are small (4 by 6 inches) done on a Strathmore drawing pad and done with, of all things, a fine ballpoint pen.  This is one of these drawings.  They are all imaginary images, of what seem to be people but with reptilian features.  I don’t mean them to be reptiles per se.  Some are nice people (I know because they come from my imagination and, so, they are what I say they are.  Maybe they are stereotypes, distilled from people that I see on the subway or in art galleries.  Or, maybe they are distilled from people from the imaginary, small, rural village in which I think I live.  Anyway, I have got 22, going on 23 of them right now.  And, I will do more of them, mostly early in the morning, after the cat has his tuna fish but before much of the rest of the world is awake.  If anything, it is a rationale for saying that artist like me put in long days.  It is a good way to get going.

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