Collage From Dancer Series

The Dancer Series includes ten works, each intended to convey as much as possible with the least possible.  There are no more than five or six elements in these works, including the colors.  The shapes are drawn to be elemental but evocative and the colors are selected to contrast and startle.  When all ten works are arrayed together the impact is more or less what I had wanted at the outset.  The hardest part was making sure that there was always the same level of spontaneity and control over the course of the project.  The basic designs took about six days to do and the colors another while.  Why ten of them?  Don’t know.  It is a good number.  Why dancers?  That’s easier.  I have been doing dancers for a while now.  I like the interaction of the figures and the challenge of conveying movement and music.  For the collage that you see here, I randomly took four of the ten works and arrayed them as simply as possible and made a JPEG of the whole thing.  There are six more works and I will get them up on my website soon.

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