A digital bird

Digital image created in Corel Painter

I really like to draw weird-looking, imaginary birds.  They always end up a little goofy looking with a dumbfounded look innocence about them.  I think I must have drawn them as far back as I can remember, maybe in grade school.  In college, I did little line drawings similar to what they have on occasion in the New Yorker.  The birds and those little line drawings are surely related.  And, they also owe a lot to the drawing mastery of  Gorey, Sendak, Redon and Kubin.  Back then, in college, everyone told me to pursue a career in illustrating, fine art or both.  And, the school magazine begged me to do little drawings to tart up their pages.  But, I believed the mistaken notion that art is not a serious profession and took a lot of science and math and assumed that I would end up in medicine or research.  That was dumb, not that I didn’t have some success in other areas over the years and am in general not unhappy with some of that misspent adulthood.  So, as an indulgence, every now and then, I get out my drawing pens or use the computer to make another bird.  Quack. Quack.

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1 Response to A digital bird

  1. Jen Bissu says:

    I LOVE your weird imaginary bird–and your post! :))

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