A study of a person


Pastel, compressed charcoal on rough paper, 14 x 17
I like this one.  It was a quick shot of a very expressive person who did not want to sit still.  It doesn’t matter when it was drawn, although it was recently, or what was going on.  This person’s gender,  occupationor social status is of no importance either.  At least not to me.  I felt like doing a nude but that wasn’t going to happen.  That could be revealing as you may be able to tell, the idea of sitting and posing, let alone with nothing on, was a matter of derision, almost beneath contempt. But, when I was done, after this individual was long gone.  I saw a fully captured personality.  I am also pleased with the volume in the face and the lack thereof in the less important bottom of the picture.  But, that’s me.  You may like it or not.  That is how it is with picture making.  And, it is what I do.
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3 Responses to A study of a person

  1. annagypsey says:

    well i like it, it has your style all over it, and i can tell you enjoyed making the portraiture, the joy of it shines in the face.

  2. me says:

    Have you ever thought about taking drawing lessons?

    • mmgilbert says:

      I fear that after a long, lucrative and enjoyable career, drawing lessons would only ruin things. Actually, I am an ASL alumni but always made fun of those overly realistic, precisionistic practitioners who I believe were harshly toilet trained

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