A high wire act

Black ink over pencil

This picture started out over a year ago as a very rough sketch, notes really, in pencil.  It was based on one model who went through three very quick poses for me.  And, then, I got busy with other things, such as paying customers and stuff like that and put it aside until a week ago when I literally started scribbling in the famous van Rijn manner.  When errors happened, they happened, back in the mid to late 1600s and now.  And, as Mr. van Rijn did, I made the best of what happened when an error occurred and did my best to blend it in.  So what you can find if you like. This is the way I really love to draw; pen and ink with few if any guide lines and with nothing to work with but figuring where the light should be.  It is sort of a high wire act and it makes you better and more daring.  Of course, since most of what goes on these days is on the computer, you can get lazy about making errors, figuring like etching you can always go to the next state.

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1 Response to A high wire act

  1. ddumoor says:

    this is a nice composition…I enjoy most the feet and hands
    ciao ddumoor

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