Ferber’s Tree Lark

Prismacolor, India ink on 89 lb. Strathmore drawing paper 4 x 6 inches

This was done as a bit of fun, using Prismacolor markers.  I generally hate these markers but they can be handy for layout work.  In the case at hand, I used three colors and when I was done, I went over the drawing with a #2 Rapidograph pen filled with India ink.  Once that was done, I scanned the drawing and used PhotoShop to eliminate parts I didn’t want.  In short, this drawing doesn’t really exist as you see it except as a digital file.  Of course, the bird doesn’t exist either so I guess it all makes a weird sort of sense.  The story with the bird is that Ferber claims that it exists but that its existence can only be inferred for marks on tree barks.  No one, including Ferber (who, for some reason, has not be seen recently either) has actually seen the creature.  To make matters worse, its shape makes it invisible to radar.

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2 Responses to Ferber’s Tree Lark

  1. Been checking out your work! Very nice!


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