Another just for fun

Mixed media on Strathmore 80 lb. drawing paper

This is a little experiment.  If you have ever used  Prismacolor markers you know that they can bleed through the paper, especially when first opened. And, sometimes the bleed patterns on the first side of your work are interesting.  So, I figured, lets reverse the process and make a drawing based on that bleed.  I made a freeform pattern on one side of a page, flipped it and made whatever I could from what I got on the other side.  I drew over the bleed with a black ballpoint pen to make a very screw-ball bleed.  I used the ballpoint pen because I thought I should go all the way with non-conventional materials.   As for the bird-creature itself, it is one of many small drawings of odd creatures that I have been doing lately.  The influence is Edward Gorey, Odelon Redon and Kubin, with maybe a little Sendak thrown in.  I am thinking maybe a book down the line.

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2 Responses to Another just for fun

  1. annagypsey says:

    very clever, making lemonaide out of lemons! he’s a real cutie!

    • mmgilbert says:

      Like “Seagull” and “Black Eyed Susans” very much. Have you done any silk-screen? Your work could be a hit in the print market. I am very envious of your facility with Illustrator. I turn it on once in a while but have no idea of how to make it work for me. On the other hand, Corel Painter is great for its flexibility and I use it all the time..

      mmgilbert 203-273-8251

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