Abstracted sketch of face

Sanquine and Black Pitt Oil Based Pencils with modified background color

I’ve had these oil based pencils around forever.  I bought them out of curiosity.  I thought maybe they would be fun.  Faber-Castell makes them.  I believe that they only come in two colors.   They are “oil” as opposed to “water” based as water-based would be pastels.  There are Pitt pastel pencils which are hard pastel.  If you see them, give them a try.  I did this drawing over the holidays  as a design challenge.  I started with the curved line from eyebrow to nostril and worked it out from there.  The original drawing is on natural colored paper (off white). I PhotoShopped a blue background in to give the drawing a little more zing.  I do drawings like this for two reasons: as a design exercise, something that I recommend as a bit of fun, to practice pencil work.  Once the die is cast in terms of layout, it is a nice mindless way to use some downtime.  Who is the face.  It doesn’t matter.  It is really just a device for arranging positive and negative elements, a kind of sneaky way to do abstract expressionism.  See Miro or even Calder to see what I mean.

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