A face in a crowd

Derwent drawing pencils on rough, natural paper, 8 x 10

This was in New York City, near Madison Square Park on 23rd. Or, maybe 5th Avenue near 53rd. She was one of a million people going by as we pushed our way through crowds of tourists and Christmas shoppers. Maybe she was carrying some shopping bags or had children in tow. It was a quick look but her dogged face stuck. She had business and she was clearly determined. At least, that’s what I saw. You had to be determined to get through the City on days like that, even walking. I didn’t draw her until a day or two later. So, this is more a recollection than a portrait. How accurate? I wouldn’t trust its accuracy too much. But, as is the case for many drawings like this, it is more important to capture the character that you see rather than a photographic imitation. It is number 173 in the sketch book named Zig Zag. The Derwent pencils are black and Venetian red.

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