Guy I don’t like

Charcoal, two conte stick colors on natural paper

I never cared much for this guy.  For what it is worth, I am not alone.  I’ve heard folks call him disingenuous, self-aborbed and willing to say anything to get his way.  When others report to him (which was true at one point in time) he uses his power to damp down alternative viewpoints and denigrate others.  When he visits or calls, it is clear that a key goal is to stoke his ego.  This, I am told, is his way of dealing with his deep-seated sense of inadequacy.  Maybe.  Who cares?  I don’t have anything to do with him anymore.  But, someone mentioned him and it brought all my snarky feelings back and so I did this drawing.  I did it very fast as an expressionist work. I have some very fat charcoal sticks that I love using.  The Conte colors were venetian red and burnt umber.  The paper is 14 x 17, 60 lbs (i.e., better quality newsprint).  Done and done.  Life is too short to put up with people like this.

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