Portrait: Renko

Derwent Drawing Pencils

It took a while but this guy finally just sat there normally rather than striking “interesting” poses that would be more appropriate for the contortion class.  A bad actor with a bad attitude but it all worked out.  For this sketch, I used Derwent drawing pencils.  They come in a range of earth colors, Burnt Umber, Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, plus white and black.   I was using the Venetian Red and black on “unbleached paper”  for this one.  Good tooth but sort of gray in color.  So, anyway, why figurative drawing after more than a half century of abstraction and minimalism.  I must confess that while I am an “expressionist,” I never went for the abstract and I am not so hot on the minimalism or, for that matter, performance art.  It’s just personal preference.  But, nonetheless, I find great pleasure in visiting Dia up in Beacon, NY, where post-modernism is alleged to live.  Of course, the world has turned again and I am now part of the figurative expressionist movement.  Or, so I am told.  This movement includes Milton Avery, Benton, George Condo, Soyer, Freud, Saville and Hopper.

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