Here is the cat

Anyone who knows me, knows that there is a cat who gets me up before the sun comes up for a little snack and some fun and entertainment.  Cats are great because once they get what they want, they go their own way and in the case at hand, settles in a convenient blanket for a snooze.  This is wonderful except that I am left wide awake waiting for daybreak’s first glimmer on the horizon with a drawing stick in hand.   So, I figured that this time, I will draw this cat, Sweepea.  But knowing that the minute you try to take a picture of a cat, let alone sketch one, they get up and move, I went like a house of fire. Pen, a couple of watercolors and, boom, done.  The little guy had a wonderful few minutes snoozing before the idea of another snack hit him.  And, off he went.

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