Zombo Face


I had three markers, different colors.  These are great for storyboard art but I never really dug them that much.  But it is what I had and I just started laying down lines and playing around.  When you work with color, it is a good idea to work with one color at a time.  Otherwise, you forget what you are working with, or at least I do.  So, off I went with yellow ochre, then with ultramarine and then burnt umber.  And, after a while I was sort of done,  Anyway, the cat was losing his patience and wanted a bit of something to eat.  This is the usual business with him, up before the crack of dawn, in need of entertainment and company as well as a bit of tuna and then a nice nap, leaving me wide awake watching the sun come up over the distant hills.  I think drawing like this are fun and interesting to do.  It’s all free and whatever works.  Which reminds me that if you are in NYC, George Condo has some very nice work up at Skarstedt Gallery at 20 79th Street for the next week or so.  Worth a look.

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1 Response to Zombo Face

  1. annagypsey says:

    he’s got an aztec kinda feel…:)

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