Pen and ink

I did this a few days ago, altogether too early one morning, and hesitated to post it. It was really unconscious drawing, wherever the pen went, it went and then I was left with the task of making sense of it all, making it less of a scribble.  I think that both Schiele and Picasso did this.  Other than that, it is a straightforward crow quill pen and ink. The woman portrayed, Irene (not her real name), is a composite of several women I know (although mostly just one of them). She’s competent, a perfectionist, sometimes brittle and standoff-ish but reliable and true. And, she never fails to make me smile which may be why I hesitated to post this drawing in the first place.  And, it probably says something about me.  When you start one of these, you never know how it is going to end up and making it less of a scribble is a challenge that I like, an approach to life that makes some of my best friends absolutely nuts.

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