Sven’s Face

Pen and ink on white paper

It has been a long day.  Started drawing on the Wacom pad very early this morning.  Took about 30 minutes for lunch.  No reason except that I had a couple of drawings that were very tedious.  There are still a couple of things that need doing, including a mailing piece.  So, being bushed I thought that I should post the first little sketch of the day, a drawing done right after I gave the cat a bit of breakfast. 

It is just a simple line drawing, what I think musicians call an allegretto.  The idea is not to be realistic in a photographic sense but rather to be realistic in capturing a specific man’s character, sure of himself and uninhibited when comes to having fun and carnality.  Not that I know of these things so directly for Sven is part imagination.  The point is that this drawing is not about drawing but rather about actuality and imagination and itheir joint portrayal.  I am rather fond of George Condo’s work: he never uses models although he has done dozens of portraits of iconic characterizations.  Anyway, I blame it all on the cat whose internal clock has not reset to daylight savings time and thinks that it party-time in the middle of the night.
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