Halloweener #4

Watercolor, ink, colored pencil and Corel Painter

This is another one of those early morning drawings, courtesy of a cat named “Sweet Pea” who likes getting the old folks up early for party time.  He gets to eat and then settles in for advanced snoozing.  After attending to this cat, yours truly gets to draw a picture or stare at a wall in early morning stupor.  So,  it is just as well as some art materials are right there to use.  And, this week, since there are not political debates at that hour, I just make them up, one zombie after another.  After this one was drawn and scanned, I put it into Painter, put a layer on top of it and added smoke.  “Out of the smoke” is a 15th Century device to heighten the drama of a picture.  One trick is to cover an entire sheet of paper, and then using a plain chamois, depict what you are drawing by wiping away charcoal to create the lit positive ground.  Try it.  It takes some practice.

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