Bugzer The Beast

Black marker, photoshop, back of diner placemat

While waiting for our order at a local diner (grilled cheese and a ginger ale for one of us, chicken in the basket and a beer for the other), I drew this with a black marker on the back of the placemat.  If you draw, I recommend this fun exercise; start in the middle and work outward with a clear notion of what is going to be in the forefront and what is in the background.  The color was later added after scanning in PhotoShop.  The subject matter?  That comes from my impressions of the kind of stuff that may have been at New York Comic Con, as it was covered with brilliant and hard-hitting reporting by Joystiq’s correspondents.  I can imagine a graphic novel about the war against giant alien bugs who only want to be friends but who spead horrible diseases that turn people into mindless cannibals.  Or, a video game like that.  In short, drawing this was a bundle of laughs.

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