Another Halloweener Zombie

Watercolor, ink. soluble watercolor pencil

Here’s a zombie, drawn with Halloween in mind.  It is Zig zag #154.  Zig zag is the name I have given to a sketchbook.  It is a big one. There are about 45 to 50 more blank pages.  The pages are all 8.5 x 11 inches.  So, the drawings are small and, as I may have mentioned, these days I do them in the early morning when I get up to attend to a cat who wants a bit of food and some attention.

Anyway, I make these drawing with whatever materials that happen to be at hand.  I have a few colors, a pen, a bottle of ink that are always ready to use. 
The pictures in Zig zag vary pretty widely.  For a long while, they were faces, mostly done with letraset markers.  I was doing a lot of rough work sort of like storyboards for a long while.    The idea with the faces was to make a few lines and then try to make a credible semi-abstracted face out of what’s there.  It is a good exercise.  But, now, zombies seem everywhere and I figure I can make a few myself.
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1 Response to Another Halloweener Zombie

  1. What a fun way to start the day…let the creative flow!

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