A very special penguin

Pastel, compressed charcoal on white laid paper

This is a penguin.  Or, at least it is supposed to be.  No penguin really looks like this.  I know that.  But, that never stopped me.  It is sort of like a puffin, I suppose but they, like penguins, are mostly black and white.  To me, it doesn’t matter. I have always wondered what birds from somewhere else, like another world, would be like.  And, so, I have over the course of a long career drawn just bunches of birds that don’t exist.  The same is true for some of the people that I draw.  They exist only as fleeting memories, a glance between two strangers in a crowd, signifying nothing more than “You are there and I am here.”  But, that is the way it is with most folks that we run across, like books in the stacks of a library, filled with all sorts of stuff, and we just flit by going somewhere else.  So, as I stroll down to pick up the mail, I will hear birds in the trees and who knows what or why.  And, so it is with this bird.

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