A very strange meenie

Digital art from start to finish

I have no good explanation for this one.  I started out thinking about videogame art and some of the monsters.  So, I did it in blue and then did below the waist in brown for some reason which gave the impression that my blue monster was not wearing pants.  Well, I didn’t want to get an R rating so I put pink pants on this creature in the hope that I might generate some concern about gender identity which is always fun as some people get all hot and bothered about that.  In any case, I had some fun and maybe you will too.  Or, you might be horrendously offended which may be OK too.  The program is Corel’s Painter which I am learning.  The program per se isn’t hard but drawing with it takes a bit of time.  If you consider it, better plan on getting a Wacom pad.  Otherwise, nothing good happens.

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