Duck, it’s those spots

Pen and ink, PhotoShop

This is for those of you who do not receive the amazingly accurate monthly horoscope and their inevitable revision (due to the failure of the stars to perform as expected).  If you aren’t on the email list, you miss out on a source of valuable information about your future which is many times more powerful than fortune cookies.   The whole thing is an inside joke, including this drawing as “canard” may have at least two meanings in both French and English and those who are in tune with the joke will know which is which.  Quack.

But, more to the point, the horoscopes are now featured on Prognosticator (htt:// if you like.
Now with regard to this drawing.  It started out as a pen and ink line drawing, done on a small sketch pad while waiting in line for bagels.  After it was scanned, it was colored using PhotoShop.  It is intended to be funny, funky and perfectly silly.  I trust that you will agree that it measures up on those dimension.
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