A Grey Meenie

Ink, pen, PhotoShop

This is a drawing that is sort of a fabrication.  I am grinding out some rather adorable, if I say so myself, drawings of cats, birds and bears.  It is fun stuff but tedious and I needed a little variety so I did this thing.  I envision it as one of those robots that move through the air, find things to attack and go after them.  After all, it’s got teeth and staring eyes, plus some other attachments that might do some damage if it were large enough to see with the naked eye.  My thought is that it is about a nano-burp high and makes a low buzzing noise that could be annoying if it were audible.  And, since I was playing around, all of the colors are broken ones, a neat sort of exercise for those who enjoy color theory.  What else to say about this little drawing? Well, it is the sort of thing that is good to do once in a while and I am not sure what to do with it.  After all, it doesn’t exist or can’t except as a giclee print.

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