An Ancient Fish

Watercolor, Pen-and-ink

I like drawing pictures of what might be ancient creatures.  I suppose it started when they discovered a fish called a coelacanth which had been thought to have been extinct for millions of years.  They look even weirder than those giant catfish sometimes featured on the news.  But, it probably goes back before that.  I did some large oils of animals that I tried to make look like fossils or those 25,000 year old cave paintings  they have in the south of France.  As you know, you really can’t be an artist without some knowledge of what went before.  I never studied art history but I read a lot and have spent a ton of time in museums.  And, so I have the feeling that when I draw, I am just taking a small part in a conversation that has been going on for a very long time.  So, this fish with its weird protuberances.

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2 Responses to An Ancient Fish

  1. Linda Halcomb says:

    What FUN! This almost looks like play (except its so well done.)

  2. Michell says:

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