Pen and ink on 90 lb cold press paper

I am doing a bunch of little drawings for greeting cards just now.  This is not one of them, unless it would be a card that was captioned, “Grumpy? Who me?”  You may think he is sort of no fun but I get a kick out of him.  He sort of blows the sweety-pants tonality of a lot of cute images that permeate most cards.  Maybe I should suggest using him.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  He could get rejected (“he” is definitely a “he,” I think, maybe because I think he’s cute).  An agent could think I am nuts.  Who is to say.  The real question is why did I draw him the way I did?  The answer is a bit prosaic.  I started the drawing using a broad nibbed pen.  And, I had a devil of a time getting this nib to flow properly, no matter how much ink was involved.  So, I ended up way too dark and one thing led to another.  Notice that the “light jump” between the beak and the legs is way to big.  Another example of making a mistake into something that works.

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