Three Figures, Red

Multi-media, ink, chalk, watercolor, pastel

There is a series of these drawings, some better than others.  Some are in crayon, others in pastel and more than a few in brown and black ink.  I have been doing them for years.  They are an opportunity to weave figures together and to play with the human form and with light.

Now, what if anything do they try to say.  I am not so sure that I know.  The figures in this and similar drawings that I have done are each based on one individual who assumed different poses, one after the other.  In that sense, the interaction between them is contrived or “engineered.”  But, that’s nothing new.  Posing figures and painting them goes way back.  The only people that this seems to bother are those who think that they must draw as if they were making a photograph.  And, unless you can do better than a good DSLR, there’s not much point in doing that.
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