Out of mist

Watercolor, pen and ink, Painter II

This is an experiment and I don’t know whether it worked or not.  I’ll try it again on something else maybe.  The basic drawing is pen and ink over watercolor and colored pencil.  And, as such, it was as good as I was going to make it.  So, I made a jpg and moved it into Corel’s Painter as a base layer.  Then, on another layer, I added “fog” with a spray tool.  The idea is to give the whole thing a ghostly appearance.

If you’re in the visual arts, you know that fooling around with different media and ideas is part of the deal.  And, you also know that if you don’t try things, you don’t get far.  The talent needs to get stretched and it gets better the more you stretch.  The results are less important than the effort made.
But, why this beast out of fog?  Not being a psychic or psychologist, I would say that this little exercise is more autobiographical than I would care to admit.  Am I trying to see my way to the future?  Well, yes, but I am sure that there is more to it than just that too-simple-by-half explanation.  After all, it has been raining for two days.
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