Purple Meenie #1

Digital Drawing, Corel Painter

The problem is that there are just too many of them.  Purple Meenies, that is.  They are damn near everywhere.  They are the sort of people who leave a complaint anonymously and then won’t own up to it or, more important, make suggestions for improving things.  They just whine and say that they will only complain and refuse to contribute.  If they are good at any one thing, it is sanctimony.  They love to claim that they want things the way they used to be and have little or no compassion for others.  They leave anonymous negatives behind them but never show how talented or smart they are because they are undoubtedly neither.  There are too many of them.  And, they are everywhere.

Obviously, I am mad about something and am reflecting that in this stern beast.  This, I suppose, is called “expressionism.”  It has been around as a legitimate art modality since Manet and Monet but really blossomed with Cezanne, although many of Van Rijn’s self portraits are expressive, especially those done in later life when things weren’t going so well for him.
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