Bird from the past

Watercolor, watercolor pencil, pencil, coffee

I always tell people that if a mistake happens, figure out how to take advantage of it.  This is a case in point.  Coffee suddenly went all over this drawing when it was on its way to being “done.”  That is, until I reached for my mug of coffee which, perched precariously on a ledge went all over the drawing.  I did some quick sponge work and, figuring that I had better do it all over again, laid it aside until it was noted that it seemed so free and fun that it ended up better than was intended.  This happens sometimes.  At least it does in art.  If you make a small mistake, repeat it.  And, then, do it again.  Suddenly, it looks intentional.  Of course, this isn’t always the way it goes in other fields.  Like surgery, driving a car or bungee jumping.

Anyway, the thing about this picture, other than the spill, is the idea of capturing and freezing motion, like fossils of ancient birds that seem to have been suddenly frozen in time.  It is a concept that fascinates me. Also fascinating, where should I leave my coffee?
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