Ulricke — Pen and Ink


Pen and ink, 14 x 22 on Aqua-Bee archival paper

What is going on with this guy? I am not sure.  He is a big individual who looks like he thinks beer is a good idea and that more beer is an even better one.  And, as far as I know he has no sense of humor and probably has very little regard for me.  A friend of mine hired him for some figure drawing and I and several others tagged along.  The women among us found him “interesting.”  But, never fear, no orgy ensued. 

I used the occasion to work on textures.  As perhaps already noted, pen and ink is sort of like binary code; it is either black (1) or it is not (0).  And, the fun is to create mass and shadow as best you can.  You can do that by varying your texture and that is what I was doing.  And, even though I have all sorts of trouble with portraits, the drawing ended up being a recognizable image of this guy whose name, is or ought to be “Ulricke.”
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