Beak And Claw

Pen and ink on 90-lb hot press watercolor paper.

People seem to like these birds that I draw. I like them too but the trick is not to make them formulaic. This guy was done on a trip. I bought a Moleskin book without much thought about what to do with it. I had never bought one before. A chief advantage is that it was pocket-sized. Another was the quality of the paper. Anyway, this trip was business and it was important so I drew an all-business bird with a raptor’s beak and big claws, waiting on a high branch to pounce.

As for the art itself, this issue is more about patterns and textures as about light. I was using a Faber-Castell India Ink marker pen as it is hard to travel with liquid ink and it is impossible to vary the line size of a marker pen. But, that kind of limitation sometimes gives better results.

This drawing style is sometimes used in illustrated books. I am not sure this one is done. I may go back to it later.

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