Remo Moving Around

From LIfe, 11 x 17, Crayon and pen and ink on Aqua Bee 90 lb paper

I don’t know if anyone would like this.  I did a bunch of life drawings a while ago, just outlines really and now I am working them in my spare time.  It’s more for fun than anything else.   Life drawing keeps you on your toes.  This guy is big and bulky and sort of bored with the whole thing which you can understand.  However, he was an agreeable model for what I had in mind, to try to capture his mass and movement without being too academic.  And, afterwards, much later in fact, I took this and the other sketches I did that day and took a pen and ink to them with scribbles to create space, light and shadow.   I had him keep moving slowly so I could capture a variety of drawings of him.

I wish I had a story about him.  I really don’t know him very well.  He’s just a guy who helps out now and then.  I think that he is in theater and plays minor roles.  A lot of folks who are good at posing are dancers.  Not him.

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